Peter Haizelden

Genealogist and Family Historian

I have been a genealogist for almost 40 years and undertake research into families in the United Kingdom or those that have emmigrated.

There are different approaches to research depending on your goal. Many trace the family of their surname or their mother's name. Another popular method is to trace all your immediate ancestors to complete your 'birth brief'; this records your 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, and so on. I can carry out  research  that best suits your needs.

Before you consider employing my services you would need to ascertain as much detail as you can. Tracing your family tree must always start with the subject and work backwards and it's necessary to prove each generation as you go. Perhaps you are aware of some details that need proving and need documentary evidence in the form of certificates, etc - this is a service I can offer.

Maybe you have started work on your family history and hit the brick wall that most of us encounter at some time - yes it happens to the best of us! Perhaps a fresh pair of eyes would be helpful and guidance to other methods that may solve the impasse.

I offer a free initial assessment and will give an estimate of how best to proceed with the research. If I feel able to take on any particular research I will do my utmost to achieve results. I can give no guarantee that any research undertaken on your behalf would have a positive outcome - our ancestors were very adept at disappearing without trace if they wished or the records simply no longer exist to prove that crucial link; but I am a tenacious individual and don't give up easily.

A list of some of the available resources can be found here.

Porch of the church of Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk
Porch of the church of Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk