Peter Haizelden

Genealogist and Family Historian

Kelly's Handbook was first published in 1875 under the title 'The Upper Ten Thousand: an alphabetical list of all members of noble families, bishops, privy councillors, judges, baronets, members of the House of Commons, lords-lieutenant, governors of colonies, knights and companions of orders, deans and archdeacons, and the superior officers of the army and navy, with their descriptions and addresses.' The title changed firstly in 1878 to 'Kelly's Handbook of the Upper Ten Thousand', and again 1880 to 'Kelly's Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Classes,' which remained until its demise in the late 1970's.

In the early days the content was restricted to the upper echelons of British society, royalty, peers and peeresses, baronets, knights of the various orders, and their widows. By the 1890s the content enlarged to include the minor gentry, such as lord lieutenants, deputy-lieutenants and justices of the peace. Companions of the orders of chivalry and holders of the Distinguished Service Order were later included.

Like other publications, such as Who’s Who, it was voluntary to have an entry and many eligible persons declined. Entries could, in the early years, be a couple of lines, or quarter of a page depending on how much they wished to reveal about themselves or their career.

 1875-80, 1882, 1890, 1892, 1895-1900, 1903-04, 1906, 1908-1920, 1924-1934, 1938-1939, 1945-1946, 1948, 1950-1951, 1953-1957, 1960-1961, 1964-1970, 1972-1973, and 1976-1977.

Sufficient information must be given to identify the individual correctly. I will search to ascertain the person’s first appearance and their last entry, and if found, a high-resolution scan of both entries supplied in compressed zip format.

Cost is £5.50 for the first person, £5.00 for the second, and £4.50 for the third when ordered at the same time.
View some sample pages by clicking on the images. The scans open in a new window and have been reduced for speed.

Additional scans of the intervening years would be available by arrangement at 50p per page scan. Blanket searches for a particular surname would be £5.50 for the first page scan for each surname and 50p for subsequent scans. Each page measures approximately 6" x 8".

Please note that I will not refund if any search proves negative.