Born and brought up on the outskirts of the City of London, I became interested in family history before I reached my teens. During these early days I was privileged to experience the search rooms of Somerset House with its spiral staircases and galleried shelves of registers before the General Register Office moved to better accommodation - a wonderful place for a 12 year old boy.

In 1975 I was approached by a well known genealogist and probate researcher and was asked to be his research assistant undertaking research on behalf of the illustrious Debrett's Peerage and the long established Achievements Limited. It was not long before I took the plunge and ventured out on my own account.

In those early days, and long before the Internet, everything was done manually. Searches in the census records could take days and, even then, the search could be fruitless. Birth, marriage, and death registers needed to be searched laboriously through hundreds of volumes during a day's work.
So, with almost 40 years experience, I can offer clients the research skills of a traditional genealogist with the competent use of modern methods that has become so necessary for today's research.

In my spare time, I have undertaken to compile a who's who of the common councilmen, the sheriffs, the alderman, and the lord mayors of the City of London. Currently the entries for the councilmen run to over 465 pages and a third of a million words which will soon be ready for publication.

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Peter Haizelden

Genealogist and Family Historian
Carved pew end at Walpole St. Peter church, Norfolk
Carved pew end at Walpole St. Peter church, Norfolk
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